Undivided Singing Undivided on 8/25/91

August 9th, 2017

Rusty, Rick and Rachel Karraker formed a trio group called Undivided in the 90's.  Here's them singing on Sunday morning 8/25/91 and they had a concert the evening before and again that evening with more songs to follow.  Again, I'm so proud of my cousins.  Rusty starts out with the introduction to their group and the song, Undivided.  Bufe, their father, talks about some of the other songs they will sing at the concert that evening.


We may worship different ways
We may praise Him and yet spend all of our days
Living life divided
But when we seek Him with open hearts
He removes the walls we built that keep us apart
We trust Him to unite us

In our hearts, we're undivided
Worshipping one Saviour, one Lord
In our hearts, we're undivided
Bound by His spirit forevermoreve

It doesn't matter if we agree
All He asks is that we serve Him faithfully
And love as He first loved us
He made us in His image
And in His eyes, we are all the same
And though out methods they may be different
Jesus is the bond that will remain